About:  Anne Barrett is an historian, actress, reenactor and performer specializing in portraying women in history and presenting lectures on unique historical topics.  Her dramatic stage performances include Martha Washington, Belva Lockwood who ran for president in 1884, whaling wife Mary Lawrence who sailed aboard the Addison, and fictional character Victoria Yule who relates Christmas history.  Coming soon will be performances of Elizabeth Hamilton, pioneer Amelia Stewart Knight, and journalist Nellie Bly.  Her lecture topics include Transcontinental Air Transport's air/rail commercial travel business, developed by Charles Lindbergh and involving Amelia Earhart, an overview of women's history from the 18th to the 20th centuries, the history of theater in America, the history of Hollywood and the film industry, the history of the game of baseball, and the life of Moll Pitcher, an 18th century clairvoyant from Lynn, Massachusetts.  Anne Barrett speaks at libraries, museums, historical societies, senior centers and council on aging facilities, retirement communities, and other social and educational organizations.  She is available to perform and lecture in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont and Connecticut, as well as other states with additional travel fees. 

Feel the sea spray and hear the sailors' sea chanteys as you follow the sailing adventures of 19th century whaling wife Mary Chipman Lawrence, based upon her journals!

Nellie Bly

The First

First Lady


It's Christmas 1895!

"Victoria Yule" will entertain you with the history of holiday traditions, readings from Dickens, and songs of the season in her clear soprano.  Said an audience member, "For the past hour I really felt like I was in 1895!"

A Brief History   Women in History Performances & Historical Lectures by Anne Barrett

Rounders to Baseball: America's Game

From Opening Day to last out at the World Series, baseball has exhilarated and exasperated fans since the mid 19th century. Find out why!​

Coast to Coast in 48 Hours!

Lindbergh's dream of rapid travel was realized on July 7th, 1929, and my Great Aunt Grace was one of a select few passengers!  Hear her firsthand account!​

Partial List of Past Appearances

Hollywood: Wild West to Movie Mecca

Learn how Hollywood evolved into a glittering movie metropolis. See some of 

the iconic vintage stars and watch film clips  

​ranging from the 1890s to the 1920s.

All this for Oregon?

Kindra Clineff


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​​​​​It's 1884 and Belva Lockwood is on the campaign trail!  Attend her fiery campaign speech to hear her plans for equality and justice for all.  She'll recollect her humble beginnings, and describe her fight to become the first woman admitted to the Supreme Court Bar. Includes renditions of popular suffrage songs. 

Step Back to Election 1884!  

her extraordinary life; two marriages, four children, following the General to Revolutionary encampments, and defining a brand new role in American politics. See Martha as she really was, genteel, quick-witted, devoted to her husband, and an outspoken, loyal patriot highly regarded by the new nation!  Includes songs from the battlefields.

An 18th Century Clairvoyant

Over 200 years ago world renowned clairvoyant Moll Pitcher of Lynn could cause an entire ship's crew to resign with her prediction of a doomed voyage. 

You received the most applause of any speaker we've ever had!

Peabody Historical Society

Thoroughly researched, well-organized, educational and engaging - what more could a library ask for? It truly fits the definition of "edutainment." I would recommend your lectures without hesitation!  

Beverly Public Library

Thank you so much, Anne! It was an exceptional presen-tation much enjoyed by all!

Black Tavern Historical Society 

Your program was very fascinating! Our enthusiastic audience left with glowing praise for the program. Thank you for an engaging and informative performance.

Leach (Londonderry) Library

Thank you for a really terrific evening! We continue to receive compliments about your program. We particularly appreciated your lively, engaging presentation style and how you incorporated cultural, social and political history.

Gale Free Library


Your presentation was thoroughly enlightening and entertaining. Your creative use of primary sources and historical facts made the program a truly unique experience.

Women of First Church Longmeadow


We certainly enjoyed your last visit and look forward to another!  

Kittery Museum

Female Journalist

Martha Washington relates the pleasures and challenges of 





Pioneer Amelia Stewart Knight


Aboard a





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Laurelmead Senior Living

Leach Library (Londonderry)

First Church Longmeadow Women

...and many more!

Theater in America: Banned to Bawdy

Puritans forbade playacting with stiff fines; two centuries later scandalous performances drew large, enthusiastic crowds!

Everyone Loves the Story in History! 


Engaging narratives that bring history to life!   Performances that inform, entertain and delight!

Short Skirts, Oh My! Women's Rights

Follow this amazing history from Abigail Adams reminding husband John to "remember the ladies" to the short skirts and bootleg gin of the roaring '20s.

Vinalhaven K-12 School

Strawbery Banke Museum

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