Belva Lockwood

for President!

There's much more to Martha than we read in history books!  In 1759, the beautiful and wealthy widow Martha Dandridge Custis married the handsome and successful soldier George Washington, a decision that would lead her from the battlefields of the American Revolution to the highest echelons of the infant republic.  Later eulogized as "the worthy partner of the worthiest of men," her acute social sense enabled her to deftly navigate the expectations and pitfalls of defining the role of First Lady.

​Join Mrs. Washington as she takes you on a journey through her life, sharing her private family joys and sorrows. She'll reminisce about the winters she spent near the Revolutionary battlefields, describing the comfort she brought the soldiers that earned her the fond name "Lady Washington," and she'll sing songs she heard from the soldiers there.  As the year is 1792, she'll relate her experiences in her role as the President's wife, detailing everything from her social obligations to the current political climate, and her concerns for her husband in the challenges he's facing in guiding this new country. 

Spend an hour in the 18th century with the First First Lady!

A Brief History   Women in History Performances & Historical Lectures by Anne Barrett

The sights and sounds of foreign ports and their inhabitants, the sailors' sea chanteys, the surprisingly robust social life amongst whaling ships, and the challenging everyday details, all will come to life as Mary takes you on a journey so real, you'll feel the pitch of the ship and the spray over the rails.

Life Aboard a Whaling Ship


The morning of November 25th, 1856, Mary Chipman Lawrence set sail aboard the whaling ship Addison bound for the Pacific on a voyage that would last three and a half years.  In this performance, Mary will bring forth from her meticulously kept journal, the joys and tribulations of life at sea with her husband, Captain Samuel Lawrence, and their daughter Minnie.


"Victoria Yule" welcomes you into her parlor and shares her plans for the 1895 Christmas season. Learn the history of many Christmas traditions, passed down to her from "Grandmama and Grandpapa."  She'll read Dickens, display toys and handmade gifts that her family will be exchanging around the Christmas tree, and in her clear soprano, sing songs of the season. Travel back in time to Christmas 1895 with this fun, creative and engaging performance!  Truly an audience favorite! 



Each of these four performances features a stage setting that takes the audience back in time to meet the character and hear her story.  Performances also include songs relevant to the character, sung in Anne's clear soprano.

This remarkable unsung hero in the fight for women's rights lived her life as the model of an independent, educated and ambitious woman.

Lockwood will sing songs employed by suffrage advocates to make their point.

Meet the first woman to run a full presidential campaign, in 1884!  Belva Lockwood, the first woman to be admitted to the Supreme Court Bar, will delight your audience with a lively campaign speech detailing her fight to be admitted to the highest echelons of the American judiciary system, her early struggles as a woman trying to break free of social con-ventions, and her 1884 bid for the presidency. ​​

The First First Lady​​