A Brief History   Theatrical Performances & Historical Lectures by Anne Barrett

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​Anne Barrett

Email:  anne.barrett1@verizon.net

Phone:  (978) 729-0564

I hope you and yours are well and safe during these most ununusual times!​​ Due to the pandemic, upcoming performances in the near term have moved online. 

Given the uncertainty of when and how large group meetings will be able to resume, and whether people will feel comfortable attending gatherings, I now offer my history lecture series and historical character portrayals via Zoom, to give you and your audience access to live, almost-in-person edutainment.

I can deliver any of the engaging lectures, complete with a slide presentation, or a theatrical performance, at a time of your choosing via your Zoom account. I also include a test session before the event. Many social and civic groups are turning to online meeting platforms to keep their members engaged during this challenging time.

2020 marked the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment ratification, andShort Skirts, Oh My! looks back at the evolution of women's rights. With many longing for a little baseball action, Rounders to Baseball offers a chance to return to the game’s roots.  Choose the presentation you think will best lift up your group!    

Of course, as guidelines and rules continue to evolve, and your audience’s comfort level returns, I will be delighted to visit with an in-person lecture or historical performance. Hopefully that will be soon!